Clinkle hires ex-Twitter principal designer to lead its design team

Mobile wallet startup Clinkle still hasn’t publicly revealed how it plans to turn the mobile payments market on its ear, but it’s certainly taking advantage of the attention from a $25 million seed to recruit some exceptional talent. Former Twitter(s twtr) Principal Designer Josh Brewer is joining Clinkle as VP of Design.

Brewer, who recently spoke at Gigaom’s RoadMap conference about his design influences, worked prior on Twitter’s mobile, web and tablet products. He joins fellow big name hire Barry McCarthy, Netflix’s(s nflx) former CFO who became COO in October and was quickly followed by two other Netflix execs.

Clinkle Wallet

But while Clinkle is on a hiring spree among senior leadership, the opposite is the case among its rank and file. In December, Clinkle laid off about 25 percent of its workforce, and reports are starting to pop up all over the web of dissatisfied employees departing the company.

It’s been eight months since Clinkle and its wunderkind founder Lucas Duplan emerged in the public eye, and it’s been producing non-stop hype ever since. What it hasn’t produced is an actual product. Nor has Clinkle even announced its plans for a product beyond its basic strategy of targeting its wallet at college campuses. We now know Clinkle has one of the leading designers in Silicon Valley on its payroll, but before we get too excited, it would be nice to know what exactly he’s designing.