One more into the pool: GoDaddy joins OpenStack effort

GoDaddy, the company behind all those small business and personal websites, domain registrations and Danica Patrick commercials, is now a corporate sponsor of the OpenStack Foundation. That fits in with the Scottsdale, Ariz., company’s goal of of building a platform atop solid open-source technology  to underly all those customer web sites and applications.

At that corporate sponsor tier, GoDaddy joins 55 other companies, from A10 to ZTE Corp., not to mention the Gold and Platinum sponsors. Given GoDaddy’s reach, this could be a good thing for OpenStack, which has tons of vendor backing, but still struggles to find real customers in production.

GoDaddy originally built its cloud atop CloudStack, so this move shows the strong pull of the OpenStack ecosystem.

In a statement OpenStack COO Mark Collier said:

“GoDaddy’s reach will enable its 12 million users to realize the benefits of running their applications on open cloud technologies … Service providers offering OpenStack powered solutions are a cornerstone of OpenStack’s mission to be the ubiquitous, open platform for public and private clouds. We’re glad to have GoDaddy as a sponsor of the Foundation and look forward to their continued code and community contributions.”

All that vendor support has proven a mixed blessing, however. While they all profess allegiance to the common good — an open source cloud infrastructure usable by all — they also compete with each other and the sniping between them can be a distraction.