WeTransfer goes mobile, starting with iOS

The file transfer service WeTransfer has released its first mobile app, offering iOS(s aapl) users the ability to send up to 10GB worth of photos and videos from their devices.

The Amsterdam-based outfit has until now provided only browser-based, desktop-focused file transfer services – which of course allow the sending of files to mobile devices — but now it wants to build a device-agnostic “ecosystem.” Seeing as it already has 20 million active monthly users, it has a lot to build on here.

According to a statement from CEO Bas Beerens, “the arrival of 4G and increasing coverage across the globe gave us the opportunity to work on a product that could offer the same service our users would expect from the online version.” Transfers over 3G and Wi-Fi are, of course, also supported.

The WeTransfer mobile app uses similar wallpapers to the online version. This may sound like window dressing, but it’s also a key part of the company’s monetization strategy – those “iconic” wallpapers, as the firm puts it, are glossy ads. The service is free to use, but those who subscribe to the WeTransfer Plus tier will get to store from-mobile transfers in their 50GB of cloud storage.

An Android(s goog) version of the app is under development but there is no release date scheduled yet, a WeTransfer spokesperson told me.