Colorful Nokia Lumia 630 pictured in leak

I was a little disappointed when I learned that Nokia’s(s nok) latest smartphone, the Lumia Icon, comes in just black or white. After all, the line started with the vivid, colorful Lumia 800. But somewhere along the way, those fun color choices slowly started to fade. Fortunately, it looks like Nokia is bringing them back with the Lumia 630, judging by a leaked photo from the reliable @evleaks.

Lumia 630 leak

As you can see, Nokia is once again employing a bright color palette. The softer edges of the phone actually remind me more of the recently announced Nokia X than a premium device like the Lumia Icon. That makes sense, since the Lumia 630 will likely exist as a midway point between the Nokia X and higher-end Lumias.

The only other things I’m seeing here (or not seeing, really) is that the phone seems to lack a dedicated camera button or a flash on the back (unless there’s a hidden power button up top and that smaller button on the side is a camera button). Aside from that, the 630 has been rumored to feature a 4-inch screen and 1GB of RAM, which further suggests that it will be a lower-end offering. A dual-SIM version called the Nokia 635 is also reportedly in the works. The phone is likely to be announced shortly after Microsoft’s(s msft) Build conference in April.