LiveNation Labs buys social search startup YourTrove

LiveNation Labs has acquired San Francisco-based social search startup YourTrove for an undisclosed amount. The acquisition was announced Friday, with LiveNation Labs VP Ethan Kaplan writing on the company’s blog:

“The acquisition of YourTrove has given us two things: expertise in big data engineering, social network API’s and overall technical prowess, and the technology from YourTrove that will help us power the next generation of what concerts should be for a music fan.”

The acquisition will lead to YourTrove co-founders Seth Blank, Nick Vlku and Jesse Emery joining the LiveNation Labs team. YourTrove’s key product was a search engine that scoured Facebook status updates, shared links and photos of a user, and the user’s social graph for relevant search results.

Of course, getting social search right is not a trivial problem, as we’ll highlight at our Structure Data conference in New York later this month. YourTrove used contextual information to surface content even when users weren’t tagging it with the search term.

So how will this kind of social search help LiveNation? Kaplan outlined the overall mission of the LiveNation Labs unit, and the way YourTrove fits into that picture:

“Eric Garland, Joe Fleischer, Jenny Connelly and I formed Labs two years ago aiming to challenge assumptions about concert going, and invent and create products that could enable this very 20th (and 19th, 18th, 17th, 16th, etc) century act of ‘going to a concert’ to exist fully integrated in the 21st century. YourTrove will help us deliver on that and more.”