Betty almost cracks scheduling meetings

I stumbled upon Betty, perhaps  the most minimal and easy-to-use meeting scheduling solution I’ve ever seen. It is a Google Chrome Plugin and a service that connects to Google Calendar (and others in the future).

Here’s how it works. I create an email where I want to propose some times for a meeting. In the email compose window Betty shows up as a tool bar at the bottom.

Screenshot 2014-03-08 16.26.05

I click to open it, and after setting length and location, I click on ‘select times’, and i am taken to a calendar like view where I can select dates and times, much like Magneto (see Magneto tackles the five things that are broken in calendars):

Screenshot 2014-03-08 16.16.50

Then, I click the ‘Insert Times Into Email’ button, which does as it says:

Screenshot 2014-03-08 16.17.06

And then, once I send the email, the recipient can pick a time, and then we are both sent calendar invitations for that time:

Screenshot 2014-03-08 16.20.24

So this approach does not require the other party to sign up for an account, or to even select alternatives on a calendar-like webpage. All they have to do is click on a link in an email. Easy.

Before you start saying hallelujah, there is a catch: this version only supports meetings between one sender and one recipient. And the real headache is meetings with multiple people, as we all know.

But I got this email from the founder of Betty, and I am sure that he will sketch out a roadmap that includes scheduling for multiple recipients:

Screenshot 2014-03-07 21.48.59