Amazon adds Goodreads integration and more to first-gen Kindle Paperwhite

Good news for the early adopters of the first-generation Amazon(s amzn) Kindle Paperwhite: Amazon is pushing out a software update that bring Goodreads integration and other new functions to the e-reader. The currently available Paperwhite, a second-generation model, already has Goodreads support, gaining it last November. The update will roll out over the next few weeks to devices in the United States, Canada, and Australia.

goodreads on Kindle Paperwhite

Engadget noted that the update brings the original Paperwhite software up to par with the latest model and also includes Kindle FreeTime, which curates books for children and lets parents block time for them to read, Cloud Collections for organization and Page Flip for scanning content without losing your place. The Bookmarks, Highlights and Notes feature can now be accessed more quickly.

While all of the features are welcome, I’m most looking forward to the Goodreads integration.

I bought the original Kindle Paperwhite when it debuted and I was a Goodreads user long before Amazon bought the company in a defensive play against Apple’s iBookstore(s aapl)(Gigaom Research subscription required).

So I’ve had to use either a separate Goodreads app or the Goodreads website for my book reviews, reading progress updates and to see what my friends are reading or recommending. The new software update should put most of that activity directly in my Kindle Paperwhite, making it easier and seamless to use Goodreads.

Since I can’t wait for the new software, I’ll be manually downloading and installing it. You can do the same to get Software Update 5.4.4 on your first-generation Kindle Paperwhite by visiting Amazon’s support site and following the relatively simple instructions.