Leaked ad reveals new HTC One, details dual camera functionality

The new HTC One has leaked yet again – but this one leak is a little more informative than most. GSMArena got hold of an ad from Australian carrier Telstra which shows off the new HTC One and seems to confirm some long-rumored specs.

HTC One brochure

As you can see, the phone pictured in the ad looks virtually identical to its predecessor – no surprise there, since that’s we’ve been seeing all along. But the ad says the phone will feature a 5-inch screen, which is a slight bump up from the 4.7-inch panel on the original. It’ll likely have the same 1080p resolution, which will actually result in lower pixel density, but that shouldn’t be distinguishable by the naked eye.

The ad also confirms the phone’s dual rear cameras (referred to as Duo Camera). What’s more interesting, though, is that it also explains the purpose of the second sensor. According to the ad, the two cameras will be used to capture better images in low light, change focus after a shot is taken, and add 3D effects. It isn’t clear if those 3D effects will just be software avatars added to photos after the fact, or if the camera will actually be able to capture 3D images.

Other than that, the ad mentions two forward-facing stereo speakers and HTC’s Sense 6.0 software overlay. The phone will cost 840 AUD off-contract, which works out to $759 USD.