Netflix may launch in France this fall, looking for ISP partners

Netflix (S NFLX) wants to launch in France this fall, and has approached French operator Orange for a possible distribution deal, according to a local radio report relayed by Variety. Orange CEO Stephane Richard said during a radio interview that his company hasn’t signed a deal with Netflix yet, and added that Netflix was considering different distribution routes.

Netflix announced last year that it plans a significant international expansion for 2014, and the company’s CFO David Wells said during an investor conference earlier this month that this expansion will happen in the second half of the year. He added that the company will announce its plans towards the middle of the year.

This isn’t the first time France has come up as a possible future market for Netflix. In January, it published a job offer specifically looking for PR persons capable of speaking German or French. Soon after, the Wall Street Journal reported that Netflix was negotiating to acquire content for those two markets. France is one of the world’s biggest broadband markets, and due to its presence in Canada, Netflix already has its offering localized in French.

It’s unclear how exactly Netflix wants to cooperate with Orange, but in the past, Netflix has worked with operators like Virgin in the U.K. to include its app on their set-top boxes.

Image courtesy of Flickr user  fdecomite.