Rdio is ditching the Echo Nest in response to Spotify acquisition

Music subcription service Rdio is getting ready to sever its ties with the music data provider the Echo Nest after that company got bought by Rdio’s main competitor Spotify. In an interview with CNBC, Rdio CEO Anthony Bay said that he doesn’t want to share his company’s data with Spotify. Said Bay:

“As far as we are concerned, they were a good partner, but we have other good partners and we’ll move on.”

The Echo Nest has been responsible for the music intelligence behind Rdio’s personalized stations, which the company launched as an answer to Pandora (S P) last summer. However, Rdio¬†is also working with Rovi, which could possibly replace the Echo Nest. Another company trying to make bigger waves in the personalized radio market is Gracenote, which released a white-label Pandora-like offering in January.

Spotify announced the acquisition of the Echo Nest last week, and said at the time that it will keep the service available for third parties. However, one has to wonder how many of Spotify’s competitors are going to stick around. We’ll make sure to ask the Echo Nest co-founder¬†Brian Whitman about it when he’s on stage at our Structure Data conference in New York next week.