Apple shrinks iPhone return window to 14 days

Apple(s aapl) has slashed its iPhone return window by more than half. 9to5Mac caught the change after being tipped off by an internal document. Whereas Apple used to give iPhone buyers up to 30 days to return or exchange their device, the new policy reduces that window to 14 days.

This new 14-day return policy  is more closely aligned with U.S. wireless carriers, which also give subscribers a 14-day return window. It’s also the same return policy that Apple has for its other products, like Macs and iPods. You can return your iPhone for any reason during this period of time, as long as the phone is undamaged and you have all of the original accessories.

While it makes sense to maintain a level of consistency with return policies across the board, this is kind of a bummer for anyone that takes a month to realize that 16GB of storage isn’t going to work for them. Two weeks should still be long enough to figure that out, but just make sure to keep it in mind when purchasing a new iPhone.