Got a Sprint iPhone 5? You can now activate it on Ting and save money

Ting, a reseller of mobile voice and data services, added Apple’s iPhone 5 to its list of supported devices on Tuesday. The company uses Sprint’s(s s) airwaves to provide service so it can only activate Sprint-compatible phones. Until now, the company supported dozens of Android(s goog) phones and the iPhone(s aapl) 4 and 4s.

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While there are plenty of MVNOs, or mobile virtual network operators, that buy voice and data at wholesale pricing and then resell them to the public, Ting is relatively unique. Ting customers who use fewer voice minutes or data than their allowance are charged for a lower service tier, which can save money. It also allows for overage flexibility without exorbitant costs, as customers who use more service than their plan allows are simply bumped up to the next plan as needed.

Last month, Ting celebrated its two-year anniversary by lowering prices even further while adding more minutes, messages and data for some plans. You’re still limited to Sprint’s network with your iPhone 5 or other Ting-compatible device, but the plans could save money based on your usage and the new prices.

Ting new prices

So now that the iPhone 5 is on-board with Ting, when will the newer iPhones follow? Probably not before September, as the Ting blog notes Sprint likes to keep flagship phones to itself for about a year. For now, then, your Sprint iPhone 5c or 5s is staying directly on Sprint.