We’re hiring: Come join Gigaom’s cloud/enterprise technology reporting team in SF

If you’re the kind of writer who is sick of billion-dollar social apps, if you’re an enterprise technology blogger looking for a more prominent platform on which to hone your craft, or if you’re sitting on the kinds of enterprise technology insights that will lead to the next Dropbox or Palantir, we’ve got a job for you.

Gigaom is looking for an enterprise technology reporter to join our team in San Francisco. I’m not exactly impartial here, but I think we have the best enterprise technology writing team in the industry, and I need somebody else to round out that team.

One of Gigaom’s most important contributions to technology blogging has been our strong coverage of the advent of cloud computing, which has allowed all those social apps to flourish without the burden of having to create and maintain their own server farms. It has set the foundation for a new lightweight style of computing that is more personal and design-oriented than the experience we took for granted just six or seven years ago.

Help us continue to tell that story:

The job description

You will report and write stories on emerging enterprise technology trends, including cloud, data, storage, security, dev ops/tools, and the things that aren’t cool yet but will be in two years. Those stories will range from breaking news to well-reported features and should be written with a strong voice.

You’ll develop relationships with Silicon Valley enterprise startups and find the next generation of enterprise technology leaders, entrepreneurs, and scientists.

You’ll assist in planning our Structure event (coming up in San Francisco in June.) Structure is the leading enterprise cloud computing conference and Gigaom’s flagship event.

The job requirements

Strong writing skills: You should be able to explain complex technologies in plain English that allows casual readers to understand the issues without over-simplifying those issues for engineers.

Two years technology reporting experience: Enterprise technology reporting experience is strongly preferred, but we’ll consider training the right candidate.

The position is based in San Francisco (Bay Area). Gigaom’s office is located in downtown San Francisco, and while we’re flexible with remote computing (this isn’t Yahoo), you’ll be expected to be a regular presence in the office.

Please apply for the job here on our Jobs page, and please include a cover letter explaining why you are a good fit for this job and Gigaom (this is your first chance to show off your writing skills).

Featured image courtesy Shutterstock user Wavebreakmedia.