Allo’s low-cost iPhone bike mount adds a speaker (and safety) to your ride

Cycling is a great exercise, but it’s certainly not the safest if you’re wearing headphones while biking on busy roads. Enter Allo, an iPhone case with integrated speaker that mounts to your bike.

allo on handlebars

I like the concept of this Kickstarter project, probably because I’ve been sideswiped by a car while on my bike. And I wasn’t even wearing headphones. Being able to hear vehicles on the road — or even other bikers coming from behind, for that matter — is essential for safe cycling. With Allo, you don’t have to sacrifice music listening, directions or incoming phone calls on an iPhone(s aapl) while on two wheels.

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The speaker in Allo has a noise range of 80 to 90 decibels, so it should be relatively easy to hear tunes or other phone sounds on the road, even in traffic. Two AAA batteries power the device. And you don’t have to fumble with it when it’s time to leave the bike behind; just twist a clip and the Allo case slips off of the mount, which stays on your handlebars.

With 31 days to go to reach its $24,500 funding goal, Allo is already near halfway there with $11,217 in pledges. You can get in on Allo for $40 if you’re an early bird; after that, the full price of $45 is required to back it.