Basho brings in two industry vets as CEO and CTO

Basho is replenishing its executive ranks, naming Adam Wray and Dave McCrory as CEO and CTO, respectively.

The Cambridge, Mass.-based but highly distributed company saw its last CEO Gregory Collins leave in January. CTO Justin Sheehy and chief architect Andy Gross announced their exits this week — Sheehy to become a senior director at VMware(s vmw) and Gross to Twitter(s twtr).

Wray was CEO of Tier 3, a data center and Platform-as-a-Service company for a couple of years. The company was subsequently acquired by CenturyLink(s ctl).  He also sits on several boards. McCrory (pictured below at Structure), was most recently SVP of engineering at Warner Music Group and before that a senior architect of Cloud Foundry for VMware.

In a brief interview, Wray said Basho, the company behind the Riak distributed database and RiakCS cloud store, has huge opportunities before it. He brings with him operational expertise and lauded McCory’s mix of expertise both in the technological advantages of embracing open source technology and the business side of deploying those technologies.

Speakers: Dave McCrory - SVP, Warner Music Group

Dave McCrory – SVP, Warner Music Group