Netflix revives Veggie Tales, Puss in Boots characters for kids exclusives

Netflix (S NFLX) announced three new original shows Thursday, and this time, it’s not targeting the House of Cards crowd: The video service partnered with DreamWorks Animation to revive the faith-based Veggie Tales series with a new show dubbed “Veggie Tales in the House.”

DreamWorks will also produce a show based on the Puss in Boots franchise for Netflix, as well as a show that will star lemur King Julien from Madagascar. All three shows will debut on Netflix in late 2014. These new DreamWorks shows follow the release of Turbo, which debuted exclusively on Netflix in December. New episodes of Turbo will arrive on Netflix in April.

Kids have long been a key audience for Netflix. The service launched a kids-only user interface in 2011, and has seen a lot of success with kids’ titles in general. Getting this young audience hooked on originals could also help Netflix to be less dependent on popular kids’ titles from TV networks.

A year ago, social networks as well as websites like ours were flooded with angry comments from parents when Netflix decided not to renew a contract with Viacom, which forced the service to remove TV shows like Dora the Explorer, Spongebob and Go Diego Go from its catalog.