With a new iPad app Yummly aims to put its recipe engine right next to your stove

As long as you don’t mind getting a little grease splatter on your iPad, Yummly just released a new kitchen tool that could be very useful for home cooks. On Thursday its iPad app debuted in the iTunes store, letting burgeoning chefs turn their Apple(s aapl) tablets into digital recipe books they can prop up on their kitchen counters.

While the core features of its iPhone app and semantic recipe search portal have made it into the iPad app, Yummly has tweaked the interface to make it much handier as a cooking tool, rather than just a recipe research tool. For instance, the iPad app will let users load up multiple recipes simultaneously and toggle between them with a touch of screen, said Yummly CEO and co-founder Dave Feller. That kind of feature can come in very handy when cooking a multicourse meal, Feller added.

Yummly iPad app search

Yummly started out as a search engine that not only aggregates recipes from hundreds of popular cooking sites, but also breaks those recipes down to their component parts. Using that data it is able to parse nutritional data and even flavor profiles of the dishes they represent. But it’s been gradually adding more features such as a digital recipe box, and dish recommendations based on user’s past cooking history and stated personal tastes.

According to Feller, the way customers have used Yummly has thus evolved. Instead of going to the site and searching out specific recipes, many of its users — particular younger ones — have started using its iPhone app as a food discovery tool. In many cases Yummly’s cooks are using the app to generate ideas for meals with no specific recipes in mind. In other cases, they’re using it as a means of entertainment, wiling away time looking at sumptuous photos of Duck a l’Orange and Beef Wellington. Yummly isn’t just a recipe search engine — it’s a food porn search engine.