Chromecast release in U.K., Germany and France imminent

Looks like Google(S GOOG) is launching its Chromecast internationally next week: Various leaks are pointing to a launch in the U.K., Germany, France and possibly a number of additional countries. Google executives had previously said that they wanted to bring Chromecast to many additional markets in 2014.

Here are the latest indicators that the international Chromecast launch is just around the corner:

  • The Chromecast Android app, which is used for the setup of the device, received an update that includes localization in over 50 languages, according to Android Police. 
  • An employee of the U.K. electronics retailer Currys tweeted a photo of a stack of Chromecast adapters. The photo, which was first spotted by Liliputing and has since been removed from Twitter, features packaging that’s significantly thicker than the U.S. version of Chromecast, possibly to make room for a U.K. power adapter.
  • A French Google+ user posted a photo of a number of Chromecast boxes with French labeling Friday. The photo also shows the back of the box, which features YouTube, Google Play and Chrome, but no local third-party apps. Asked where these devices are available in France, he replied that French ISP SFR will start selling them in its stores starting on the 19th of March.
  • Amazon(S AMZN) Germany started to list Chromecast available for pre-order a few days ago, but has since removed the listing. A Google cache of the page reveals that the device will be sold for €35 in Germany. A local blogger also reported that the device will be sold by Germany’s consumer electronic retailers Media Markt and Saturn as well, with shipment slated to arrive on Monday, the 17th of March.

A Google spokesperson wan’t available to comment on these leaks, but Google VP of Product Management Mario Queiroz told me in December that Chromecast was slated to launch in “a number of international markets” in 2014. At the time, he added that people were going to be “pleasantly surprised” by the scope of this international expansion.