Heave ho! Navy to put much more public data into Amazon public cloud

The U.S. Navy plans to forklift a ton of public-facing information from its own data center into Amazon Web Services, according to a Data Center Knowledge report.

Terry Halvorsen, CIO of the Department of the Navy, said that move will save as much as 60 percent compared to managing that data internally. But he also stressed that this is not an all-or-nothing proposition — a nuance that many people in the cloud debate don’t acknowledge.

“There is still a place for the data center non-cloud solution,” Halvorsen said. “Getting that balance right is my mission.”

Secret, non-public data clearly will remain in house — well, as much as that is possible in the age of Edward Snowden.

Government agencies are now in year six of the Obama Administration’s Cloud First initiative, which aims to cut costs and increase efficiency of government IT. And the rush is on among cloud companies — cloud service providers in General Services Administration parlance — to get the required FedRAMP certifications to win that cloud work. Amazon has its FedRAMP stamp, as do AT&T, HP, IBM, Microsoft,  and others, all of which are pushing hard to win more of this government work.

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