The internet of things will require new thinking on data centers

In a world with 26 billion connected devices generating upwards of $300 billion in revenue is coming according to Gartner. In a release issued Tuesday, the analyst firm outlined the promise of the internet of things, but warned that the current thinking on data centers wouldn’t scale. The solution appears to be in the cloud.

“The recent trend to centralize applications to reduce costs and increase security is incompatible with the IoT. Organizations will be forced to aggregate data in multiple distributed mini data centers where initial processing can occur. Relevant data will then be forwarded to a central site for additional processing.”

The quote highlights perfectly what we’re going to be discussing in June at our Structure 2014 show in San Francisco. The big picture is that to meet the demand for real-time data processing from billions of connected devices, the data center will have to change. We agree.

This story was updated at 12:38 to correct a typo that turned $300 billion in revenue into a mere $300 million.