First look at how an Android Wear smartwatch works (video)

It didn’t even take a full 24 hours after Google announced the Android Wear smartwatch platform for people to download the developer preview and tinker. Not all of them are even developers, either.

Why download it then? Because the software tools include an emulator to simulate an Android Wear smartwatch, showing more details of Google’s(s goog) vision for computers on your wrist. Dom Espisito is one of the first to take an early look and he walks through the current state of Android Wear in this brief but informative video.


It’s worth noting that Google still has work to do with the platform as many features and functions are still limited in this first beta iteration.

The Wear app that resides on an Android phone for connectivity and notifications is pretty basic, for example. It also doesn’t look like you can reply to incoming messages from your wrist yet, although I anticipate that will be in the final software version. I’m hoping the always-listening functionality found in the Moto X makes its way to at least one Android Wear watch — perhaps the Moto 360 — so you don’t have to tap the screen before saying “OK Google” and speaking a command or search query.

Still, I like what I see so far because the end product I’m envisioning looks just like what I’ve wanted on my wrist since last year: Contextual information at a glance.