New Relic Insights takes real-time app data analysis to the masses

New Relic, which retooled application performance management for the cloud era, wants to do the same for real-time analytics of all that application data. To do that it is making the beta of  New Relic Insights, formerly known by code name Project Rubicon, available to current customers for free.

Insights promises to give software makers a blow-by-blow account of how people are using their apps and enable mere mortals — business managers not just data scientists — to interactively query the stats generated. For example, a product manager could ask how much this new feature X is engaging users and whether it’s leading them to use more paid services.

New Relic co-founder and CEO Lew Cirne talked up Insights at Structure Data on Wednesday, saying the software will give software vendors a second-by-second look at which features are being used and for how long, in which browser, and most importantly, how much each additional feature drives additional usage and therefore revenue

“Is the usage of your top paying customers going up or going down? Usually by the time you know usage is down, it’s too late to fix the situation,” Cirne said in a recent interview. Indeed, curbing churn rate is a key priority for SaaS vendors. A tool that gives them near-immediate insights on which features engage users, and which leave them cold, could be invaluable.

New Relic competes with APM products from legacy vendors like BMC, CA and IBM as well as newer rivals like AppDynamics.

“We democratized APM in New Relic by making it easier, less expensive, cloud-based, instantly available,” Cirne said at Structure Data Wednesday. “Insights, our visions for that, is to do the exact same thing for big data.”

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A video embed of Cerne’s talk follows below:

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Photo courtesy of Jakub Mosur

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