Customers need the internet of things to be open, says Intel’s Boyd Davis

As Intel(s INTC) makes bigger bets on the internet of things, it is obviously hoping that its own platform will succeed — but devices can’t all be based on Intel hardware, Boyd Davis, VP of Intel’s data center group, said at Gigaom’s Structure Data conference Thursday.

“We’d like to see the internet of things evolve to a point where there’s a higher degree of interoperability,” Davis told Gigaom’s Stacey Higginbotham. “We aspire to create standards and architecture where anybody can compete at any level.”

The problem right now, he said, is that many internet of things projects still require “an army of consultants.” But several years from now he said he has “every confidence” that will no longer be an issue: We’ll see “higher degrees of reuse [and] standards modularity, and that doesn’t mean all Intel.” Of course, “hopefully once we create that environment, we’ll create the best solutions in each of the elements.”

Boyd also discussed Intel’s foray into the Hadoop market, explaining that Intel’s hope is to ensure that the data platform remains open and doesn’t devolve into a Unix-like situation. Unsurprisingly, Intel also wants a Hadoop platform that can expose the fancy technology that the chip giant is building into its semiconductors.

However, Boyd didn’t think Hadoop was the ultimate opportunity, merely an “operating system–like” layer that would underlie a variety of services built on top of all the data collected and then processed by the Intel hardware.

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Photo by Jakub Mosur