Samsung Gear 2, Gear Fit pricing announced in Taiwan

As the race for your wrist heats up, Samsung announced pricing for its latest wearables Thursday. The Samsung Gear 2 and Gear Fit will cost 8,990 TWD ($293 US) and 5,990 TWD ($195 US) respectively in Taiwan, according to SamMobile. While currency conversion rate don’t always translate equally when a device is sold in other countries, it looks like both wearables will be priced higher than competitors products.

gear fit

The Gear 2 is Samsung’s second iteration of its $299 Galaxy Gear smartwatch that launched only last September. There have been reports of nearly a million Galaxy Gears shipped but no evidence of a hit product with widespread sales. The relatively high price may have something to do with that but the watches complexity, add-on features and limited phone compatibility are also contributors.

Samsung appears to have simplified the Gear 2 while also switching the software from Google Android(s goog) to Tizen. The company also was quick to tempt developers with a Tizen SDK for the watch, launching that before the device even hits stores.

Samsung Group_Gear 2_Gear 2 Neo

Samsung’s Gear Fit is aimed more at health and exercise tracking, although it does have some limited smartwatch functions such as receiving notifications from a smartphone. The small device also runs on Tizen, has a curved Super AMOLED display and can be swapped into different colored wristbands.

Based on the initial Galaxy Gear pricing, I’d expect Samsung to announce U.S. launch prices of $199 and $299 for the Gear Fit and Gear 2. And I anticipate it will do so soon, given the products are supposed to launch in April. Until some of the Android Wear devices come out, those prices may hold but after some more competition enters the smartwatch market, pressure could create some sale prices quickly.