Guess what: AT&T doesn’t agree with Netflix on peering and net neutrality

The increasingly public spat on peering and net neutrality continued Friday with a blog post by AT&T (S ATT) Senior Executive Vice President-External and Legislative Affairs Jim Cicconi, who essentially argued that Netflix (S NFLX)  was trying to get everyone to foot the bill for something the company should have to pay for:

“When Netflix delivered its movies by mail, the cost of delivery was included in the price their customer paid.  It would’ve been neither right nor legal for Netflix to demand a customer’s neighbors pay the cost of delivering his movie.  Yet that’s effectively what Mr. Hastings is demanding here.”

Yesterday, Netflix CEO Reed Hastings penned an open letter to the FCC, arguing that it should make peering a net neutrality issue and ensure that ISPs can’t ask Netflix to pay for interconnection fees to deliver content their customers have requested. Follow our ongoing coverage of these peering disputes here.

Feature image courtesy of Thinkstock/Devonyu