Pocket prototype for Android Wear smartwatches saves stories to bigger screens

Now that Google has a preview of the Android Wear smartwatch platform, the app makers and service providers will start to follow. Pocket is among the first, announcing a prototype SDK that makes it easy to save information from an Android Wear device for later reading on a larger screen.

AndroidWear Pocket

Pocket is already known for its “read later” service, which is popular on various mobile platforms. With it, you can save any interesting content to your Pocket account and read it when you have more time; or in this case, a better screen for consuming content. Pocket explains how this could work in Android Wear(s goog):

“Imagine your friend sends you an interesting article. Your Android Wear smartwatch gets an alert and you think, “Hmm, I’d really love to read that on my commute later.” You swipe, and an action pops up to save to Pocket. In a single tap, the article immediately becomes accessible in your list for whenever you have the time to go back and read it.”

After first reading about the new Pocket prototype SDK on The Verge, I thought the idea was a bit silly: My phone is going to push content to my wrist and I’m essentially pushing it back? But it actually makes sense, because the story headlines on a watch that sound interesting can’t easily be read on a watch. The prototype would make it much easier to save for later reading by simply tapping a button.