Gigaom Research webinar: structuring applications for the cloud

The opportunities for developers building apps today has never been greater. The variety of platforms and languages is blossoming, and the cloud offers a degree of scale, agility and cost savings that enables developers everywhere to make a difference with their work. In practice, however, many organizations find that they are unable to leverage the benefits the cloud can bring because they are hampered by existing infrastructure and operational constraints. Used in the wrong way, cloud computing can actually add to the IT burden without fully delivering on its benefits.

In this webinar, our panel will discuss these topics:

  • What opportunities does a migration to a cloud model offer developers?
  • What are the components of a well-architected cloud app, and how do they differ from traditional applications?
  • How do network latency, data gravity and other constraints and realities of the cloud affect architecture choices?
  • How does cloud development affect project design, structure and management?
  • How can developers make best use of existing IT assets while moving to the cloud?

Speakers include:

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