More headroom for data manipulation, make big data analytics ready!

A recent Intel survey found that 82 percent of CIOs agree that big data solutions would improve business. Big data analytics is a top priority for businesses that want to tap into the hidden potential of their big data. Now they can. Intel partnered with several ISVs to ensure that data-analytics solutions fully harness the scalability, performance and reliability of the Intel Xeon processor E7 v2 family.

Intel expects investments in real-time in-memory analytics to increase from 2 billion to 13 billion over the next four years. Apache Hadoop and IBM DB2 with BLU Acceleration harness the Intel Xeon processor to create flexible analytics solutions that are highly scalable as data sets grow in size and complexity. Solutions like Terracotta BigMemory Max and SAP HANA rely on in-memory processing and storage to extract insights from big data in near real time.

Intel’s ecosystem is not just relegated to consumer-generated big data. Splunk Enterprises helps businesses uncover an untapped well of machine data that is generated by cell phones, servers, web streams and other devices.

Imagine how big data analytics could change the world as other industries adopt these solutions. The medical industry could harness big data analysis in clinical trials, expediting the approval of groundbreaking drugs. It could shape our understanding of the universe as new theories and planetary bodies are extracted from streams of sensor data.

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–Tim R. Allen