SoundCloud rules Twitter, followed by Spotify and

Music tech hacker Peter Watts has been tracking the popularity of music services on Twitter (S TWTR) for the last 15 months. The winner, by a wide margin, is SoundCloud, which was mentioned more than 42 million times on the service during that period. In second place was Spotify, with 16 million mentions, followed by, which was mentioned in 8 million tweets.

Here’s a look at the top 10 services:

Top 10 music services on Twitter number of tweets
SoundCloud 42,604,555
Spotify 16,319,028 8,039,354
Pandora 3,715,642
Bandcamp 3,488,443
Myspace 3,984,167
Shazam 3,079,587
Soundtracking 2,679,342
Deezer 2,459,766
Soundhound 1,563,054

(Data for Spotify and Myspace were consolidated from several search terms. For a full list, make sure to check Watts’ original data.)

It’s worth keeping in mind that these numbers don’t necessarily translate into active users on each of these services. Watts queried Twitter for any mention of the service, which includes articles written about the company. This could explain why Myspace got a lot of play despite not being used all that much anymore: The service relaunched last summer with a multi-million-dollar marketing budget, resulting in a lot of media coverage.

Watts also decided to exclude YouTube, because, in his words, “the volume is insanely large.”

Here’s what else he told me about his data collection via email:

“It’s not gospel, but a rough look over a decent period of time (it has been continuously tracking since Jan 1st, 2013). Some services are bigger than others because they are designed for sharing (Soundtracking, ThisIsMyJam). Soundcloud does well for a similar reason. Its links are shared often because they are easily consumed. No account required.”

Disclosure: Bandcamp is backed by True Ventures, a venture capital firm that is an investor in the parent company of Gigaom. Om Malik, founder of Gigaom, is also a venture partner at True.