Mobile-app-performance management 101

2014 will continue to be an explosive year for mobile. Most companies, however, are still in the dark when it comes to managing the performance of their apps. But why is this?

Mobile-app performance is impacted by many complex factors. These include multiple app versions, over 106 mobile operating systems, 691 carriers, 6 cloud services per average app and 2,582 device models. With millions of permutations, testing every combination is impossible.

While you can’t catch every issue, your users will, unfortunately. A bad experience such as a crash or unresponsive app will negatively impact revenue, brand and your customer base. To be competitive your app must have less than a 1 percent crash rate and satisfy service requests in less than 1 second.

The good news is that there are ways to improve your mobile app. On the most fundamental level, individuals must track mobile app uptime and the responsiveness of cloud services the app connects to.

Until recently getting this level of visibility was difficult. A new category called mobile application performance (mAPM), however, has emerged that offers products specifically designed for the complexity and scale of mobile. Solutions like Crittercism monitor crash, error, network and cloud metrics across all mobile operating systems and networks. These solutions provide companies complete visibility into their mobile-app performance on the end user’s device.

MAPM solutions are foundational to improving your app. The beauty in all of this is that it only takes five minutes to get started! Learn how to improve your app by visiting Crittercism today.