Crank up the volume: Chrome, Chrome OS get Play Music uploads in the browser

Chromebook(s goog) owners no longer need a PC(s msft) or Mac(s aapl) to upload tunes to their Google Play Music account. Google added new Labs features to Play Music on Wednesday and one supports music uploads directly through the browser. A new mini-player is available as well, and all of the new Labs add-ons were built using Google’s Chrome Apps and Native Client technology.

Google Music chrome upload

As a full-time Chromebook owner, I immediately enabled the features and ran them through a quick test drive. I downloaded an album from my Amazon(s amzn) MP3 account that I didn’t have on Google’s servers and added it to a local Music folder that I created on my Chromebook. In the new Google Play Music client, I hit the Add Music button and selected my locally stored music which then was immediately shot up to the cloud. It took Google a few seconds to process the music but the import worked successfully from my Chromebook.

The music upload feature can also monitor for locally stored music files and upload them to Play Music automatically. That’s why I create the Music folder; so I don’t have to manually select songs or albums for future uploading. Chrome OS users will quickly focus on the new upload feature because it has been one of the most often requested ones I’ve seen over the past few years. Requiring users to import music from an alternative device just to listen on a Chromebook or Chromebox sort of defeats the purpose of Chrome OS.