Upcoming Gigaom event: Is 2015 the year of the open-source cloud at Structure?

The open-source cloud once held great promise. OpenStack became the battle cry of those looking to avoid closed and costly clouds. IBM, HP and even VMware jumped on board the OpenStack bandwagon; however, going into year four, OpenStack has not shown the enterprise enough implementations to prove its value.

Alternative open-source clouds, such as CloudStack and Eucalyptus, do not get the same attention as OpenStack but hold great promise for the enterprise. And the slow uptake on OpenStack could provide them the opportunity to find their foothold in the cloud market.

Of course, open-source cloud success is measured by enterprise adoption. These days, enterprises are so busy getting the first cloud projects to work that the use of open-source cloud technology has taken a backseat. Brand-name public cloud providers such as AWS, Microsoft and Google have led the charge to the enterprise cloud, yet they only provide lip service and continue to push forward without a solid open-source cloud strategy.

Progress has been made toward open-source cloud standards, but the push may be more of a trot than a run. Every year falls short of the massive open-source cloud adoption predicted just a few years ago.

So do enterprises even care about the open-source cloud? The sheer value of open -source clouds will eventually win the cloud wars within most enterprises. The question is, When will this happen? And more interestingly, Which open-source cloud technologies will win out?

Join us at Structure with Marten Mickos of Eucalyptus Systems, Chris Kemp of Nebula, and Sameer Dholakia of Citrix Systems. These open-source cloud kingpins will provide no-excuse perspectives on what open-source clouds are able to bring to the cloud computing party and, most important, when they will be relevant to the enterprise.

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