Philips adds new options for Hue lights, including an all-white and a 3D printed option

Fans of the connected Hue light bulbs from Philips are getting a few new options with an all-white version that is a bit cheaper on a per bulb basis, a few 3D printed lamps and pendants, and a wall mounted plate switch option that lets you tap to choose different light settings.

From my perspective, the $60 wall plate is the most interesting of the bunch, because it allows someone to pop it on the wall and then set different lighting “scenes” to choose from on the four buttons. The device has no batteries and doesn’t tie into your electric lines — it’s kinetically powered by the act of you tapping the buttons. I have a few scenes programmed already, so this switch holds a lot of promise. I’ll probably shell out for one to see what I can do.

For those who are less enamored of the color-changing Hues, Philips is launching an all-white LED that goes for $39.95 called the Lux. This puts it in the same price range as Belkin’s connect light bulbs and is $20 less than the color-changing Hues.

Finally, Philips has gone all kinds of artsy with a 3D printed table lamps for €2,499 ($3,436) and €3,000 for a pendant style lamp. There are a few designs (one is pictured above), which are pretty sweet-looking given my modernist tastes. However, at that price, it’s in the same range as some of the lower-end modern fixtures I could buy at Design Within Reach or 2Modern. And because they are designed by professionals, the 3D printed aspect of them is more novelty than a way to express my own creativity, Still, they did elicit an “ooooh” from my husband and I when I opened the image.

Only the 3-D printed lights will be available on Monday with the wall plate and colorless lights coming some time after this summer. I’m going to ogle the fancy pants 3D lights, but will likely purchase the wall plate.

Updated: This story was updated to correct the availability of the wall plate and the white light.