Remember Amazon WorkSpaces? Now it’s out here.

Do you remember the Limited Preview of Amazon WorkSpaces that was announced last Fall at the re:Invent conference?   Well, now it’s out here.

From the AWS Blog:

“As you may recall, Amazon WorkSpaces provides a desktop computing environment in the cloud. It gives enterprise IT the power to meet the needs of a diverse user base by providing them with the ability to work wherever and whenever they want, while using the desktop or mobile device of their choice.”

Seemed like a strange offering from AWS then, and it still does now.   However, the virtual desktop market space has been heating up for awhile.  Perhaps it makes sense for AWS to push out a service to the market, even if it does not make sense to me.

As you may expect: “After you download and install the WorkSpaces client for your device, you will have access to a complete Windows 7 experience in the cloud, with persistent storage, bundled utilities and productivity applications, and access to files and other resources on the corporate intranet.”

I suspect WorkSpaces service will have limited growth this year, and pick up steam next year.   AWS seems to do a pretty good job of supporting these types of services when they’re in operation.  As long as there are not prolonged outages, this one could be another winner for AWS.