Search box company Algolia adds analytics features

The French search box startup Algolia, which is going through Y Combinator these days, has unveiled new analytics services for website administrators and app developers using its technology.

Algolia provides an as-a-service application programming interface (API) for database search that rivals the likes of Google(s goog) Site Search and Elasticsearch. Like Google’s product, it shows results as the user types, rather than just making autocomplete suggestions.

It is very fast, returning full results in under 10 milliseconds. According to CEO Nicolas Dessaigne, benchmarking against Elasticsearch showed Algolia to be between 12-200 times faster, at least for the type of small database objects it handles. The company claims to already be handling 10 million user queries per day, which is pretty good as it only launched last September.

There are a lot of analytics going on under the hood–Algolia has established various ranking rules specific to the kind of product data it deals with–and now the startup is offering some of those insights to its users.

In an update on Thursday, it introduced the ability to track the most popular queries, to help with stock level maintenance and advertising, and the queries that don’t turn up enough results. Algolia now also tracks how queries evolve over time, correlating demand with seasonality or time of day.

The new features should be immediately available on Algolia customers’ online dashboards at no extra cost.