The 5 mobile metrics that really matter

At Crittercism, we spend our lives focused on mobile-app-performance management. While many companies such as Evernote are taking mobile-app-performance management seriously, too many companies still look at the wrong metrics to benchmark their performance.

Below are the top five metrics that really matter.

  • Adoption metrics. While the number of downloads are good, you also need to understand true usage metrics and demographics that paint a better picture of who uses your app, where they use it and on which devices.
  • Uptime metrics. How often and available is your app? How many times does it crash? What is the crash rate (ratio of the crashes to the number of app loads)?
  • Responsiveness metrics. What is the average latency of your app across the various cloud services that the app interfaces to? What is the error rate of these services? Is the latency dependent on user location or carrier?
  • Transaction metrics. How many transactions are executed through your mobile app? What is the average latency of these transactions? What is the abandonment rate?
  • Support ticket volumes. How many support tickets do you get (on a daily and monthly basis)? How many of these are proactively identified? What is the mean time to identify the problem?

Armed with the right data in these five areas, all mobile teams can deliver world-class apps, no matter the size of the user base. Crittercism has worked with thousands of mobile customers to deliver a world-class mobile-app experience.