Amazon mulls setting up a German cloud

Here’s a good tidbit: Amazon Web Services (s amzn) may add a new cloud region in Germany, one of the European countries most worried about data sovereignty issues and irked by data snooping by the U.S. National Security Agency. Currently, Amazon hosts one European region out of Dublin, with various other edge points around Europe.

Amazon SVP Andy Jassy told CIO Journal (registration required)¬†that Germany is a country where customers want a data center “on their own soil” and that since Amazon has lots of business in Germany … well, you get the picture. Amazon CTO Werner Vogels told Om late last year that international expansion was a huge priority for the public cloud leader.

This week at its AWS Summit, company execs also displayed more acceptance that corporate customers want both public cloud and private, on-premises deployment options,.

Amazon SVP Andy Jassy.

Amazon SVP Andy Jassy.

I’ve long thought¬†that Amazon would replicate its clouds in more regions over time to meet customer requirements — AWS keeps telling us it’s all about customer requirements. Gigaom reported nearly a year ago that it was extremely unlikely to expect Amazon to ignore data sovereignty and privacy rules in the aftermath of Edward Snowden’s disclosures over NSA data trolling. I expected Amazon to roll out other “mini me” GovCloud-type options where ever business requirements mandated that data stay on native soil.

This is one of Amazon’s first public statements that it is indeed going in that direction.

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