Could these be the FCC filings for Amazon’s TV streamer?

We are just days away from Amazon’s (S AMZN) official press event for a mystery device, but it looks like gadget blogger Dave Zatz may just have gotten an early peek at it — or at least at the product’s FCC filings. Zatz unearthed a number of filings for both a media streamer and a related Bluetooth remote control that recently passed the FCC.

The filings were all made by a shell company called Ailen LLC, and key parts, including photos of the actual devices as well as user manuals, have been omitted as confidential, but Zatz believes that this smells a lot like Amazon – and I gotta say, it’s an strong possibility.

ailen llc fcc filing label

So what do the filings tell us? That a company who wanted to hide its true identity intends to release a media streaming device with with 802.11 a/b/g/n dual-band Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, and a Bluetooth remote control.

The streamer’s model number is CL1130, the remote control’s is DU3560. Also, the FCC label design and placement, as well a mention of a USB port, suggest that the device is not a Chromecast-like streaming stick, as TechCrunch recently suggested, but instead a more traditional, Roku-like set-top-box.

Image courtesy of Flickr user William Warby.