7 stories to read this weekend

After a week-long break, the weekly recommendations are back. I have tried to bring some variety to the mix this time around — some quick reads and some that need a little patience.

  • The sexiest dog in Chicago: Please don’t tell me you don’t want to read this piece, like now.
  • Sinkhole of bureaucracy: This cave of paperwork is a living manifestation of literally mountains of paperwork. It is a well reported story that is to be savored on your tablet, for it makes good use of video and visuals to tell the narrative.
  • The $1000 Genome: How genome sequencing on the cheap became a reality.
  • Future Fabrics: Aren’t you intrigued by all these synthetic and hybrid fabrics that keep popping up? Well, here is a primer on all these technical textiles and what they mean.
  • The Gavel drops at Sotheby’s: The storied auction house is coming under attack from hedge-fund operator, Daniel Loeb. Going, going,gone? 
  • On the trails of a silver thief: Country’s most notorious cat burglar is on the loose. Hold on to your silver.
  • A breakup letter to Facebook from Eat24. Enough said.