Appy Pie launches Appy Beacons based on iBeacon protocol at Ad Tech India

Appy Pie, the cloud-based app builder, launches Appy Beacons at AdTech India. Appy Beacons are your next-generation Bluetooth low-energy devices that support Apple’s iBeacon protocol and send Bluetooth-enabled push notifications that show up on a user’s mobile device when a user moves within the proximity of the beacon.

“As Appy Beacons works on BLE technology thereby enabling them to work indoors and can detect someone’s location in relation to nearby beacons inside of the buildings, such as an airport or a shopping mall, unlike GPS which knows that user is inside the Building but is clueless of his location within the building as it needs line of sight to satellites,” said Abs Girdhar, the founder of Appy Pie.

The Rubens House museum in Belgium is one of the early adopters of this technology, and it has installed a few devices inside the premises. Whenever a person is standing next to a painting, the beacon will transmit an X-ray-scanned copy of the painting to his smartphone. Bluetooth low energy is already available for iOS and Android 4.3, and very soon it will be rolled out for Windows phones as well.

Girdhar envisions Appy Beacons will revolutionize the retail industry, where a person will never go to a cash register, wait in line, sign a receipt, swipe a credit card or check out with a store employee. He can walk straight out of the store with whatever he wants and will be charged as per his purchase, all thanks to the iBeacon technology.