Hear the future of media and marketing in just 5 minutes

Advertising Age challenged some of the brightest minds to offer up their visions of the future in a rapid-fire session, “The Future in Five Minutes.” Come see it live at Ad Age Digital 2014, April 1–2 in New York City. Save 10 percent with code GIGAOM. 

Kelly Mooney, CEO, Resource
The future of our business demands that innovation and collaboration replace rigid process and perfection. We head toward a future in which multidisciplinary talent and intuition lead the charge, whereas those who focus on instruction and fixed design are doomed to fail.

Bryan Weiner, chairman, 360i and Expion
The consumer has more choice and power than ever before, and it’s forcing a radical shift in the ways brands manage their marketing ecosystem. The advertising-centric industry infrastructure built over decades needs to be torn down and rebuilt with content at the center.

Bob Lord, Global CEO, AOL Networks
Taking on advertising’s biggest challenges, the future of the business is one of an open ecosystem where marketers and publishers, partners and competitors are all beneficiaries of a platform-driven industry.

John Maeda, partner, KPCB
Drawing on his experiences at prestigious institutions RISD and MIT, the current partner at Kleiner, Perkins, Caufield and Byers will speak to the future of design and its impact on consumer culture and businesses alike.

Rich Greenfield, media analyst, BTIG
TV will change more in the next five years than in the past 50, but what can you expect from the near-future of TV, the ramifications of a legal Aereo, internet TV and new consumption habits?