Scott Guthrie is officially the top cloud guy at Microsoft

It’s not a huge surprise, but developer favorite Scott Guthrie, who has been the acting head of Microsoft’s cloud efforts, now has the job on a permanent basis, according to an email by CEO Satya Nadella.

Guthrie (pictured above) is now executive vice president of Microsoft’s cloud and enterprise group, just in time for the company’s Build Conference in San Francisco this week. Guthrie has been a big draw at Build, and before that Microsoft’s Professional Developers Conference, for years now. And he will be on center stage at Gigaom Structure in San Francisco in June.

Scott Guthrie, EVP of cloud and enterprise for Microsoft.

Scott Guthrie, EVP of cloud and enterprise for Microsoft.

In other org chart news, Stephen Elop will join Microsoft as Executive Vice President, Microsoft Devices Group, and will report directly to Nadella. Elop, who left Microsoft for Nokia a few years ago and is back in the fold as a result of Microsoft’s buyout of Nokia’s mobile business,  had been thought to be a candidate for the CEO slot. The Nokia deal is expected to close in April. In addition, Phil Spencer will head up an Xbox effort that will meld the Xbox and Xbox Live development teams with the Microsoft Studios team. Spencer will report to Terry Myerson, EVP of operating systems.

Nadella isn’t letting the moss grow. He was named CEO in early February, rolled out re-branded Windows Azure without the “Windows” bit last week and then announced the company’s plan to free up Office from its dependence on Windows (but also vowed that the company will have more to say on its crucial Windows strategy at Build.)