Yup, here it is: Microsoft matches Amazon cloud price cuts

So Microsoft(s msft), what took so long?

On Monday, Microsoft cut prices on its Azure cloud services in response to the price reduction unveiled by Amazon Web Services(s amzn) last Wednesday. Last year, Microsoft pledged to meet all AWS price cuts and it’s been true to its word. All the changes to Microsoft Azure pricing are outlined in this MSDN post, but in general cuts ranged from 27 percent to 35 percent off compute instances and 44 percent to 65 percent on storage. The reductions cover both Linux and Windows instances. Don’t laugh; last week Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella told reporters that 20 percent of all Azure workloads run on Linux.

Microsoft Azure cuts

Google kicked off this latest round of price axing last Tuesday at the Google Cloud Platform coming-out party in San Francisco, but God knows when this round robin will end (or who’ll be left standing when it does end.)