Report: Apple to begin production of new iPhone screens in May — and they’re big

Apple(s aapl) will soon begin manufacturing the displays for this year’s iPhones. Judging by leaked screen specs, the upcoming phones promise to be much bigger devices than previous generations, according to a report from Reuters.
The report, which cites unnamed sources in Apple’s supply chain, says there will be two screen sizes — a 4.7-inch screen, which is already considerably larger than the iPhone 5 series’ 4-inch displays, and a plus-sized 5.5-inch screen. While Japan Display, Sharp and LG Display have all been tapped to start making the 4.7-inch screen in May, there’s a delay in the planned production of the 5.5-inch display while Apple decides some technical issues, Reuters says.
The Reuters story adds more credence to the rumors Apple will go big in its next generation of smartphones. Larger screens would definitely put Apple in line with the trend toward heftier smartphones with broad swaths of real estate to view and swipe. The difference in the reported sizes between the screens would also mean that Apple may be doing more to differentiate the iPhone line within each generation of device.
Last year was the first time that Apple launched two distinct iPhones, the 5s and the 5c. Both were the same size, the main differences being cosmetics and internal hardware. Apple has already split the iPad line into bigger and smaller devices, and the iPad mini has proven a hit. Maybe it could do the same with a monster-sized iPhone 6.