Life360 integrates its family geo-fencing app with IFTTT

IFTTT’s recipe library of internet-of-things triggers just got an interesting new ingredient. Family tracking app Life360 is integrating with IFTTT — which stands for IF This Then That — letting users coordinate actions based on the movement and location of a family, not just individuals.
IFTTT already has recipes in place letting you link your movements to specific events. For instance, when you leave the house your connected thermostat knows to go into power-saving mode or your smart lighting knows to turn off. But Life360 is designed to keep track of an entire family’s location, not just an individual’s. So by linking Life360 to IFTTT, your smart home knows when to go into sleep mode when the last family member leaves, not just the person with the IFTTT account.
Life360 said it’s tapping into IFTTT’s real-time APIs so it can trigger immediate action when a user enters or leaves defined geo-fences. For instance, as soon as a family member pulls into the driveway, the lights in the home can blink on or off. Or when a child leaves school, a parent can get an immediate text message alert.
“We have moved far beyond solving the ‘where are you?’ question and are leveraging our family location awareness platform to help smart homes and connected cars better address the needs of family units,” Life360 CEO and co-founder Chris Hulls said in a statement.