JW Player adds Chromecast support to its video player

Expect Chromecast support to come to websites from major media companies any day now: JW Player, whose HTML5 and Flash video player is being used by more than two million sites on the web, is slated to announce Thursday that it is adding Chromecast support to its platform. Casting will initially just be available to a few big publishers as part of a limited beta test, but the company wants to eventually make the feature more widely available.
jw player chromecast
JW Player has become a household name in particular for its HTML5 video player, which is being used by companies like Kickstarter, the Washington Post, the UFC and Intel. (S INTC) Now the company is going to add the ability for publishers to enable casting straight from their websites.
Part of that implementation will include multi-screen advertising, which will enable publishers to show an ad on TV and present clickable information about that ad on the second screen. But JW Player founder and Chief Digital Architect Jeroen “JW” Wijering wants to take multiiscreen even further. In an email, he wrote:

“We’re also working on video chaptering, social sharing and angle selection on your device during playback. We’re also thinking about managing sports statistics, queueing subsequent videos and instrumenting e-learning quizzes on companion devices while the main content plays on Chromecast.”

Wijering also blogged about the impact of Chromecast on web video publishing last month, writing:

“It’s likely the multiscreen UX model pioneered by Chromecast will be a hit. This benefits the thousands of web video publishers around the globe, as it both enables rich interactivity and access to the TV screen.”