Short takes: Mightybell opens, Convo releases Chrome extension

I am a packrat, storing and sharing pages and links for all sorts of reasons with all sorts of groups.
For example, the Future of Work community that I founded recently has a website as a general purpose desription of what we are doing, but the actual community interaction is taking place on the social community platform Mightybell, specifically at
Today the company announced that it was opening the doors to all who want to create their own social community. I have written up my experience with Mightybell (see Mightybell rolls out Communities), and today’s release is not a major rejiggering of functionality (although Gina Bianchini, the CEO, told me in a phone call yesterday that some of my wish list — like RSVPs for events — are in the next feature push).
One of the most critical needs — and one of the reasons to consider Mightybell — is a well-designed bookmarklet. Curating content for a community or working group is essential. Here’s what Mightybell’s looks like:
Screenshot 2014-04-03 15.02.12
I wish the Mightybell canvas didn’t cover the top of the story, because I often forget the author’s name, and would like to retain it. But Mightybell allows me to select what image from the page to pull into the post.
I can contrast that approach with that of Convo, the work management tool, which recently announced a sophisticated Chrome extension. Now Convo is not a perfect competitor with Mightybell in that it’s not designed for open communities, but closed, by invitation only workgroups. But I have used Mightybell in the past for that purpose when the primary modes of the community were curation and discussion.
Here’s the same page being saved in Convo:
Screenshot 2014-04-03 15.00.28
See that the Convo canvas is to the right, and allows me to see the lede of the story. Note also that Convo supports a full tag system, while Mightybell only supports categorization (which they call ‘collections’).
As I said, no one would necessarily choose a social curation solution on the basis of how good the bookmarklet or Chrome extension is. However, I rejected the use of a competitor to Convo, a work management tool — Workmate — because it lacks any bookmarklet or extension, as far as I can tell, and email requests regarding that feature got no response.