UK radio consultancy creates Senaptic, a systems integrator for IoT

As interest in connected devices and their potential to save money, change businesses and improve efficiency rises, companies are doing their best to get in on this trend. Plextech, a UK radio firm has decided to spin out a company designed to operate a proprietary radio network and offer applications for the internet of things.
The new company is called Senaptic, and it plans to focus on applications and networks for smart cities and utilities. In an idea that’s not dissimilar to that of Sigfox in France, the company uses an ultra narrowband radio technology that is both power efficient and powerful enough to communicate even when embedded in roads or parking spaces. It also has partnerships with existing application providers that it works with to build out a complete system for an internet of things driven service.
For example it has implemented street light monitoring systems in various municipalities, as well as a system to monitor parking spaces in Moscow.
In each implementation Senaptic builds the network, including the sensors and base stations that will communicate the sensor’s info back to the internet, and then shunts the data generated back to the customer. So the Moscow parking information goes to the city, which can build its own apps, license the data to another provider or open it up to everyone.
The company may be new, but it is already making money and has plenty of investment from its corporate parent. Senaptic is led by CEO Will Franks pictured, who was co-founder of Ubiquisys, a femotcell maker acquired by Cisco.