3 steps toward agile devops adoption by EveryTown enterprise IT

When teams converge agile and devops practices with Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) infrastructure, they create a collaborative environment that accelerates business enablement and increases customer engagement. Adopting agile devops requires a structural mind shift, and successful IT teams follow manifesto guidance to change delivery dynamics, take small steps to build one team, focus on real deliverables, accelerate reactive adaptation, and guide continuous loop activity.
Effective cross-functional teams drive every big success. Whether bridging dev with ops or biz with dev, encourage self-organizing teams and value small daily interactions.
Is it done yet? Accelerate business enablement by delivering production systems without delay. Focus team interactions toward automating infrastructure and creating working software without losing technical excellence and good design.
Be reactive to market demand. Increase customer engagement by indefinitely maintaining a constant innovation pace, frequently delivering working software, and responding to customer requests, even if the plan must be changed.
Deliver long-lasting business capabilities rather than ephemeral software releases. Agile devops teams establish a continuous feedback loop, regularly tune collaborative processes, embrace solution evolution, and value repeatable delivery.
While every IT team desires to become more responsive and effective, outdated IT processes, fragmented team interaction and legacy tools impede success. Teams improve by adopting devops manifesto and agile manifesto principles and practices via a devops PaaS. A devops PaaS (e.g., WSO2 App Factory) delivers on-demand access to cross-functional team workspaces, no-wait automation, engaging feedback channels and continuous delivery infrastructure, reshaping business models and IT value.