Report: Twitter to unveil new ads, including mobile app install Cards

For the past few years, Twitter (s twtr) has limited its ad products to promoted tweets and accounts. But that might change in the coming months, as the Wall Street Journal reported Friday that the microblogging platform will roll out 15 new ad units and improved targeting for users.
Perhaps the most interesting ad unit is the mobile-app install ad unit, a product similar to one that Facebook (s fb) has already deployed. According to WSJ, companies could embed an invite to install an app through a special Twitter Card, inviting users to click an “Install Now” button at the end of an app advertisement. Using the card is particularly interesting, because it allows users to expand or minimize the ad unit.
Twitter declined to comment to WSJ about the ads or its intentions, but Twitter Cards could be a way for the platform to boost the value of individual tweets, essentially allowing brands to advertise from within the platform without actually breaking format. It’s a way to introduce ads without making them feel different from the interface that users are already used to, which may make it a more successful monetization strategy than its promoted unit in the long run.